From his own artist statement:

"Paul Scott, from the UK, is a conceptual artist, noted porcelain upcycler and known for his research into ceramics and print.  He creates individual pieces that blur the boundaries between fine art, craft and design.  With a penchant for rescuing cast offs, he fondly gives them  new life, even highlighting their worn edges, chips, cracks and flaws, by using them as a canvas for biting social commentary."

What I appreciate is his use of the materials. Mixing in nature themes with these created ceramic pieces. Even using bone china to make cows & grass fields. His touch and mark making is incredible and I love how he takes this very traditional blue on white ceramics approach and makes it modern and contemplative. 

Jo Woffinden works with a plethora of materials - plaster, concrete, even bone china - to create these… bowls? There’s really no other word I can use to label these. The elements make up sort of a bowl, but the structured displacement sort of makes them look like a glitch. Something that would have otherwise been organic, smooth, round, but has been hiccuped by her design process. They’re unnatural yet natural, imbalanced yet balanced, off-putting yet beautiful. 


No way jenny… The red octobers!?!?!


No way jenny… The red octobers!?!?!

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Portland, Oregon-based artist AJ Fosik (previously featured here) has created an awesome new series of dynamic and vibrant wooden sculptures. Each ferociously striking piece is made using locally sourced lumber from Oregon that is painstakingly carved, painted, and assembled.

"The interpretive works are featured as both eye-popping wall mounts and stand-alone sculptures. There is also a piece in the exhibit that is a 30-sided geometrical shape made of thirty different, diamond-shaped sculptural panels."

This new solo exhibition, entitled Against the Infinite, is currently on display at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York through December 21, 2013.

Visit the gallery website to view the rest of this stunning exhibition.

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We’ve come so far…
(All dates are Japan (i.e. first release-releases in italics are not shown in the pictures above ^^;)

Red/Green: 1996
Yellow: 1998
Gold and Silver: 1999
Crystal: 2000
Ruby and Sapphire: 2002
Fire Red and Leaf Green: 2004
Emerald: 2004
Diamond and Pearl: 2006
Platinum: 2008
Heart Gold and Soul Silver: 2010
Black and White: 2010
Black 2 and White 2: 2012
X and Y: 2013


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